Answers to
frequently asked questions

We are currently ramping up production for this new product and are accepting pre-orders. 

Our technology has passed all preliminary safety studies and we are currently undergoing certification. 

This product is produced in various factories in the EU. 

This product has been tested thoroughly in a large-scale project in Ukraine, see this case study.

Apart from a 24-month manufacturer warranty, we will also set up with you the necessary preventive maintenance procedures to make sure that your new steam generator is always working at its full potential. 

But perhaps the best way to get familiar with this new product is to test it. Please contact us so we can set this up.

There are too many factors to consider in order to put a fixed price here, however we can say that for most applications, the cost for this steam generator will be offset in less than a year thanks to the phenomenal energy savings.

Have a look at this case study to see how.