Case Study

Sausage Production Factory “Myasoedovskaya” in Ukraine

Installation of pilot in 2020 on sausage production line in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. Initially, this sausage producer used 2 electrode-type steam generators (150 liters x 2) with a total consumption of 220 kWh.

The consumption the new magnetic induction steam generator featuring the same output of 300 liters per hour is only 96 kWh, less than half of the previous consumption

Cost Savings Calculation

Power RatingPower consumption per dayElectricity costs per yearTotal Cost of Ownership
2 electrode steam generators
220 kW220 kW x 18 h
= 3960 kWh
3960 kWh/d x 28 d/month x 12 months x 0.2 €/kWh
= 266 112 €
Steam-Eco steam generator
96 kW96 kW x 18 h
= 1728 kWh
1728 kWh/d x 28 d/month x 12 months x 0.2 €/kWh
= 116 122 €

The amount of money saved on electricity alone for a comparable installation is approx. 150 000 € per year.

Depending on current energy costs and usage of the generator, ROI breakeven can be reached in just a few months.